The Month Ahead

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a great summer so far! Phish will be performing their first shows of 2017 (excluding the January Mexico run) in just about a month, and I’m busy at work getting my reviews of the Summer ’93 tour ready. Phish’s  33-show summer 1993 tour began on July 15th, and you can expect me to post a full review and analysis of each show from that tour on the anniversary of each show, as I did with Winter/Spring ’93. I have only heard one or two shows from the tour previously, so I am looking forward to listening to it in full given its reputation among fans.

Since I’m busy working on these summer 1993 posts, expect a light schedule of posts between now and the start of that tour. I plan to publish two more posts analyzing the Winter/Spring tour this month. The first post, “That One Time…”, will take a look at songs that were played in a relatively standard manner for the majority of the tour, except, you guessed it, for “that one time” where the band did something weird and interesting with the song. Next, I will do one more “Songs of Tour” post and analyze the best “Tweezers” from the tour. I was hoping to do a “Songs of Tour” of “YEM” as well, but these posts take longer to write than I originally thought so I don’t think I’ll have the time. Maybe I’ll turn my lens to that song after the summer tour.

In addition to these two scheduled posts I’ll also hopefully write some shorter posts about current going-ons in the Phish world, so that this blog isn’t too inactive. I’m not going to schedule any posts for the beginning of July since I’ll be hard at work on the summer tour posts.

Scheduled June Posts:

  • June 16th: That One Time… (Winter/Spring ’93)
  • June 26th: Songs of Tour: Tweezer (Winter/Spring ’93)
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