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Songs of Tour: “Tweezer” (Winter/Spring ’93)

“Tweezer” is the ultimate Phish bellwether song, in my opinion. From the ultra-psychedelic “Tweezer” jams of ’95, the porno-funk “Tweezers” of ’97, to the oxy-haze 2.0 “Tweezers,” no song in the Phish catalog better reflects the stylistic changes the band … Continue reading

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That One Time… (Winter/Spring ’93)

Many songs Phish performs at their shows, especially during this period, vary little between performances. These songs are played in a ‘standard’ fashion, with one performance being more or less interchangeable with any other performance of the song. This can … Continue reading

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The Month Ahead

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a great summer so far! Phish will be performing their first shows of 2017 (excluding the January Mexico run) in just about a month, and I’m busy at work getting my reviews of … Continue reading

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