April 27th, 1993: Concert Hall, Toronto CAN


This is the second Canadian show of tour, and unfortunately only the second set of the show is in circulation. Unless a new source appears, the first set has been lost to the ether of time. If at some point in the future a recording of the first set surfaces I will return to this show and give it a listen. The setlist of the first set looks fairly standard, but I’m bummed that we miss the chance to hear what could potentially be another great “Stash.” Since I’m not able to hear half the show, I feel it’s inappropriate to give tonight a rating.

Set 2 opens with “Golgi Apparatus” and “My Friend, My Friend.” “My Friend” has an extended outro with some minimalist jamming under the repeated, ending refrain, but it’s nothing too unusual for this tour. A tight “All Things Reconsidered” emerges from “My Friend,” before “Maze” provides the first opportunity for significant soloing. Both solos sound standard tonight, but Trey’s is both more melodic and drives to a harder peak, so he wins the “Maze” duel tonight. A well-played and always welcome “Lizards” brings us to “Big Ball Jam” and “You Enjoy Myself.”

Page’s solo begins at 8:40 of “YEM,” but Trey doesn’t stay out of the jam for very long. He starts comping to Page’s playing shortly after the beginning of Page’s segment. Page recedes into the background as the rest of the band quiets a bit. Trey starts his solo not long after 10:00 and begins with clean, jazzy runs. There’s some stop/start work at 11:15 that leads into good, full-band interplay at 12:30 as the jam quiets even further. The jam builds back up again with fun Trey riffing at 14:30. He quickly brings a solo to a brief peak before the bass and drums segment starts at 16:30. This is a good “YEM” with the most significant improvisation of the set, but it’s not a standout performance for the tour.

“The Horse > Silent in the Morning” serves as a cool-down following “YEM” before the Henrietta segment of the evening. Fish banters about his vacuum for a while before starting “Love You,” observing that he is the “only person in the world doing this right now” (undoubtedly referring to his vacuum playing). A quick “Cavern” closes the set, before an equally snappy “My Sweet One” and unamplified “Amazing Grace” close the show as the encore selections.

This is an average second set for the tour, with no big standout performances. The “YEM” is good and has an entertaining stop/start segment that leads to some fun group improvisation. Otherwise there’s not too much of note here, though the playing is solid and the set is a perfectly decent listen. The band has another night off tomorrow before the final Canadian show of tour.

  • Highlights: “You Enjoy Myself”

Show stats:

  • Phish.net setlist
  • First set length: ?
  • Second set length: 90 mins.
  • This is the first time Phish performed at the Concert Hall. They will return on 8/9/93.
  • The longest gap in this night’s setlist is “My Sweet One,” returning after a ten show absence (4/14/93).
  • The best represented studio album is Rift (8 songs).
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